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Are Man Buns in Style?

Are Man Buns in Style?

are man buns in style

Are man buns in style? They're one of the many styles for guys with long hair. But why are man buns so popular? Read on to discover their many benefits and messiness. Also, check out the different types of buns to decide which one suits you best. It's not always easy to figure out which type is right for you. Here are some of the most popular man bun styles. You might be surprised to see which one suits you best.

Man buns are a symbol of grooming

Though historically associated with women, man buns are gaining popularity among men. Samurai warriors wore these hairstyles in the Edo period of Japan. Known as chonmage, the man bun keeps the helmet in place, and the hair bun sits on top. Its popularity spread and eventually led sumo wrestlers to adopt this style to mimic samurai strength.

They're a practical option for men with long hair.

A man bun is an easy way to make a quick and stylish style. For the most part, a men's bun takes less than a minute to create and can look both casual and smart. Its low-maintenance styling makes it the perfect option for men with long hair. But there are certain occasions when it would be inappropriate to wear a men's bun.

They're stylish

Many celebrities have mastered the art of the man bun, including Orlando Bloom, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Matt Damon, and Jared Leto. They have even used this hairstyle to mock the hipster culture, all about white people with skinny jeans and collars. However, with the passage of time, the man bun has gained in popularity, and the style is no longer just for boys. Here are some reasons to try it yourself.

They're messy

Man buns are messy hairstyles that are great for men. Hair needs to be slightly dirty to create this style, but not too much. A hair spray can be a great option for men with short hair. After spraying it into the hair, loop the tie halfway through and secure. This will form the base of a messy bun. Dry shampoo is a good idea for men with long hair, too, as it will add texture and hold.

They can be shaved to avoid excessive height

When choosing a style for your man bun, consider how it will affect your face shape. Square face shapes should avoid oversized man buns as they can mess with their refined proportions. Oval face shapes can benefit from wearing long man buns trimmed lower on the crown. Top knots are out of the question for this face shape, but angular top knots are excellent for round faces. An angular top knot can help elongate the face, while a regular Man Bun will soften the features and keep the hair from being too long.

They can look good high, low, or in the middle.

Using a high man bun is a great way to elongate your face and appear taller. To add texture, you can leave loose locks all over your hair or tie up a small part. You can also opt for a low bun to look like a Greenpeace activist or a nerdy Essex girl. No matter which way you go, you'll love the look.

They can be styled with beards

If you're looking for a stylish hairstyle that shows off your beard, a man bun may be the perfect solution. This sleek style will show off the effort you put into styling your hair, and you can achieve a variety of different looks by using a beard and bun. The man bun with a beard looks exceptionally sleek when worn with a beard because it has impressive braids running down the sides. It also features little pomp on the front to add a touch of lightness to the look.

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