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How to Be Stylish Men


how to be stylish men

If you want to be more confident in your appearance, learning how to be stylish can help you feel better about yourself. The following tips are aimed at helping you be more stylish. They include dressing with purpose, buying clothing that fits your lifestyle, and keeping your wardrobe organized. Also, consider buying items that are built to last and invest in them. You'll soon find yourself looking great and feeling confident by following these tips. If you're wondering how to be more stylish, read on for some useful hints and tips.

Wearing a watch with a business suit

There are certain rules you have to abide by in order to look your best at work. A classic black watch doesn't look too formal if you pair it with a dark suit. However, if you want to make a style statement, you can pair it with a colorful strap to add a pop of character. Moreover, a pocket watch can become a style must-have one day!

Moreover, the watch straps are essential accessories paired with a business suit. You have to match the straps to the other accessories in your outfit. To do this, match the strap and the dial colors. If your business suit is black, match the strap with black shoes. On the other hand, a colorful strap will go with a pocket square or a fun pair of socks. You can also choose a timeless watch with an interchangeable strap to go with your workwear.

Wearing chinos with a business suit

When it comes to your wardrobe, chinos have become an extremely versatile staple. Not only can you dress them up or down, but they are also appropriate for any office setting. You can pair them with a classic blazer or open-neck shirt for a more formal look. While leather shoes are recommended during work hours, you can opt to slip into sneakers or a tee shirt afterward. In the evening, you can easily pair chinos with a polo shirt or printed shirt for a night out. The cotton-stretch fabric makes them comfortable to wear all day.

When deciding which outfit to wear, look at your colleagues' daily wear. They may be wearing chinos to work, but it would still be inappropriate if you wear them to a corporate event. Often, the level of formality in a workplace is highly variable, so it's crucial to keep in mind the work environment before making a style decision. If you're not sure, try some casual outfits and see how that goes.

Keeping your wardrobe organized

If you're looking for a way to keep your wardrobe organized, you might want to try the methods recommended by Marie Kondo, the Japanese life guru. Her book, which has been parodied, teaches people how to sort their possessions neatly and orderly. Her most famous method involves standing everything upright, allowing you to see its contents from every angle. This works for T-shirts, boxer shorts, and knitwear, too.

Once you have sorted your clothes by type, make sure to hang them by types, like dress pants and suits. Casual clothes, like t-shirts and sweaters, should be hung together. Belts, ties, and shoes should be hung according to style or color. You can also hang up hats, scarves, and socks by color. Finally, keep your shoes separated and well-organized.

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